Welcome to PICA
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We are a K-12, Bible-based International Preparatory Academy focusing on the character training of our students as they grow in "stature, wisdom, and [academic] knowledge." 

PICA utilizes an advanced individualized method of education. Instead of being required to fit into a one-size-fits-all system of learning, children are given a prescribed academic system designed to fit and meet their individual needs.

23 Sept

First Quarter ends.

We are a year-round school, beginning yearly in the month of July. Ten-week long quarters are followed by a two or three week break.

8 Nov

No School - Election Day

11 Nov

No School - Veteran's Day

22 Nov

Thanksgiving Feast

23 Nov - 25 Nov

Thanksgiving Break

16 Dec

End of 2nd Quarter

19 Dec - 9 Jan

Winter Intersession

3 Jan -  6 Jan

Break School

9 Jan

P/T Conferences

10 Jan

3rd Quarter Begins

16 Jan

ESL One-day camp


PICA provides:

  1. Biblical Philosophies

  2. Academic Diagnosis and Prescription

  3. Small classroom sizes

  4. One-on-one attention 

  5. College Preparatory Course of Study

  6. Arts, Athletics, and Philanthropy Opportunities

  7. Leadership, Character, and Etiquette Training

  8. ESL Education

  9. Virtual Classroom


We are now accepting applicants for the 22/23 school year.

School began July 18, 2022


Call our school office to speak with our principal.


About Us

We offer a unique system of learning

that is individualized and tailored to

each child. Our students learn on their

own level at their own pace. They set

achievable daily, weekly and quarterly

academic goals. Through the use of checks and balances, they produce measurable results which earns them rewards and privileges.
Students may work in one of our learning centers supervised by an academic supervisor or academic monitor. The ratio is 1:6 or no more than 1:15. Every student receives 1-to-1 attention as needed during their learning center time.
Our goal is to address each child individually and uncover their hidden potential. Our mission is to build confidence and a real love of learning, giving students a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life in the Lord.

Our quality staff are dedicated to helping each child discover his unique potential – academically, socially, and inter-personally.

We invite you to learn more about us and to visit our school learning centers soon.

International Programs

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Short-Term English Immersion Classes

Because of the independent nature of the curriculum we use, the friendliness of our full-time students, and the knowledge and experience of our staff, international students thrive at Providence.

Each student is tested upon arrival to determine his functioning English level. Curriculum is prescribed based on the test results. Students spend much time throughout the day reading aloud and working one-to-one with staff and other students to practice their English usage.


Games, break time, and mini classes provide further opportunities for using English and practicing new verbal skills. 

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