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Special Days are Worth Remembering

Tuesday, 2/22/2022, at 2:22 PM. Not all two's but pretty close. "There won't be another one for 200 years..."

Numbered days like this remind us that God is a God of order. Some of our days are chaotic and messy, we find ourselves out of our element, outside of our own control, maybe even outside of our ability to cope or understand what is going on around us.

Wars and rumors of wars, and pestilence and plagues. Natural

disasters abound - multiple earthquakes were experienced on Guam in February, 2022, with five being reported in one day.

People hurt each other, climb and crawl over neighbors, the innocent, the vulnerable, for their own gain. Governments exploit those for whom they have been charged to care, for personal gain and power.

But none of these issues are new. There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes1:9). God is a God of order and he is still here, ordering the universe to fit his design. Man stepped outside of himself in the garden and lost his connection with the Lord. The next thousands of years man would spend trying to reconnect with the God who didn't go anywhere.

On the fourth of March, we, as a school, March Forth. There is singing involved, some chanting, maybe skipping, a bit of straggling; in other words, mostly mayhem. And that's how we tend to live our lives. A little bit of discipline, a little bit of chaos, and a whole lot of trying to figure it all out.

The God of Order allows us to search for Him, to call out to Him, to cry out HIs Name in our days of distress. And He that is "I AM" is right there, beside us in our hour of need. The instant we realize our true need for Him and release our need to be the God of our own lives, He is there.

In that moment, all the disorder of our existence comes into focus and we realize, He was always their, coordinating our lives to Him on our personal battlefield of need. Praise God for He is always in order.

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