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Because of our small school size, we don't have our own athletics teams, however several of our students are able to affiliate with other on-island schools to play the sport of their choice.

Students choose the school with which they would like to affiliate for sports at the beginning of the school year, or at the beginning of the season for the sport they desire to play. Students then contact the principal, athletic director, or coach of the affiliate school and ask to tryout for the team.  Affiliate schools each have their own procedure for affiliate enrollment; students are encouraged to contact their prospective affiliate schools as early as possible in order to complete all required documentation before the sport begins.

Students must have an annual physical as well as be academically eligible to play sports. At PICA academic eligibility requires a minimum of two completed PACEs per week (average) for the six weeks leading up to the beginning of the sport for sports beginning in second, third, or fourth quarters, and two completed PACEs per week throughout the sport to maintain eligibility. Should a student fail to maintain their academic eligibility, the affiliate school will be contacted and the student removed from the list of eligible players. 

Christmas Dance Crew.jpg

PICA students enjoy worshipping the Lord and performing through dance. Being a visual expression of our love for the Lord, we use dance to show our gratefulness for how He blesses us.

Dance is also a form of exercise. Students on the dance team are encouraged to learn ballet technique as the basis for all of dance and for strength training. Students spend one day a week learning dance technique and one day a week learning choreography.

Classes available are contemporary jazz and ballet technique training.

Students perform for school functions, at church events, and for video presentations.



We are pleased to present individual online piano lessons with Mrs Virginia Coffin, a veteran piano teacher with a degree in Piano Performance.

Students learn the basics of music theory as well as reading music and progress to being able to perform piano recitals or play piano accompaniment as part of our dramatic video presentations.

Students may also be involved in ukulele ensemble, and through the generous donation of friends, PICA will soon add ocarinas to the music ensembles.

Visual Arts


Mrs Michelle Moyer is our art teacher. With a degree in studio art from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, Michelle has been teaching young artists on the island of Guam for 25 years.

Students learn drawing technique, beginning painting and the use of color, as well as the basics of sculpture.

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Star of Light

Video Presentation from Christmas 2020. 

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