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PICA is a unique school experience. Upon enrollment, students are prescribed curriculum at their individually diagnosed learning level. Each is then guided through education as he discovers for himself how he individually learns and thinks and grows as a student. working at an academic level with which he is comfortable, but will also challenge him to  

Because our desire is to focus on all aspects of an individual student's education, and because we are a discipleship training school - training our students in the fear and admonition of the Lord being a key foundation of our school - class sizes are kept small with a teacher-to-student ratio of no more than 1 to 15. 


Students are taught time-management skills, personal integrity, and to emulate the character of Christ. Monthly Scripture passages are memorized and recited to staff. Students are also encouraged to excel academically and each student is prescribed an individualized path of curriculum to ensure that he or she is learning at the appropriate, individual level. At the same time, students are encouraged to achieve at the highest academic level.

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The Best Is Yet to Come

PICA has bright plans for the near future including:

  • Expanded Fine Arts Academy with an emphasis in dance, drama, music, and art

  • Implementation of computer programming, robotics, and aquaponics

  • protocol and etiquette training (seasonal)

  • sending delegates to compete at International Student Convention in the mainland


Bible classes and weekly devotions are highlights of our weekly activities.

We also offer weekly mini classes in Bible, Fine Arts, Language, and Technology.

Monday: Art Lessons

Tuesday: Choir, Piano Lessons,

Advanced Art

Wednesday: Chapel

Thursday: Devotions, Revelation

Friday: Story time with Mrs Barb, Fun Friday Activities

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in our International English Language Camps, students are tested to determine their individual English language level. Curriculum is then prescribed at the student's highest level of proficiency and comfort.

Students receive one-to-one English speaking help and instruction as needed. Every ESL student is encouraged in the use of verbal language skills while increasing vocabulary and grammar skills.

This individualized approach allows students to increase their verbal language skills and encourages growth in the all-around usage of the English language. 

English Language camps are available throughout the regular school year as long as space is available.

Click here to register for International School or contact Mrs Moyer for more information


PICA offers after school tutoring, after school care, and peer tutoring.

In after school care, students continue their academic progress by completing homework, playing brain games, and using technology. Through a grant, PICA is able to provide laptops, robotics, and other technology for use in the classroom. 

Peer tutoring is closely monitored by school staff and allows students to learn from their peers. The focus of this tutoring is to improve reading and basic math skills. 

After school tutoring allows students to catch up when they are behind in their work, high school students are able to make up missed credits due to enforced lockdowns, and students are provided with the extra one-to-one time needed to learn missed concepts.

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